RFNX Management Inc. manages The People, The Process and The Property of companies to ensure superior service to customers and to maximize profits and sustainability to owners and shareholders. We are a Full Service Management firm that supervises the day to day operations of a business including marketing, administrative functions, human resources, finances, training, risk management, customer service, equipment and property.

As well as working with private businesses, we at RFNX Management Inc. specialize in the management of government operations on a Federal, Provincial and Municipal level. Our focus on Public Private Partnerships assists governments with daily operations and special projects allowing them access to private market experience and resources. RFNX Management has gone through all necessary qualifications to ensure smooth and successful relationships with all levels of government.

RFNX Management Inc. is also a strong advocate of fair and ethical business practices and works to ensure everyday practices are socially and environmentally sustainable. We at RFNX Management take great pride in the communities that we operate in and, therefore, become very involved and work closely with the local governing authorities.

RFNX Management Inc. has an abundance of experience and a successful track record with the ownership and management of companies

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Corporate Profiles

President: Ted Davis
Vice President: Roger Davis